How is February So Long?

Well, so far I’m not off to a very good start.  I was planning on adding a post at least once a week and I’m not keeping up with my goal.

Anyway, I’m good to go now for the 2016 ESRI Dev Summit in Palm Springs.  I have my hotel reservation as well as my plane tickets.  I’m looking forward to learning about the new technologies ESRI is using, as well as getting my creative juices flowing again.  Last year I left with hundreds of possible projects swirling around in my brain, but they were eventually beaten down with mind-numbing, repetitive GIS tasks.  I hate field maps.  Let me repeat, I hate field maps.


El Segundo

Really Sal?
Really Sal?


Today we got a visit from my friend Ryan.  Although Sophia spent most of the visit laying in bed pretending to be asleep while watching the iPad and refusing to acknowledge the fact Ryan was in our house, possible fantasy football draft locations were discussed.  I was told that Ryan had received a phone call from our friend Salvador, who is also a member in the league, making a case to hold the draft in El Segundo.  While an El Segundo draft sounds like a wonderful, enjoyable time, Ryan refused to even entertain the idea, and got joy from refusing to tell our friend no without any intention of ever choosing his remodeled garage near LAX as the draft site.  Whichever location we choose to hold our draft will be known forever as El Primero, and El Segundo will always only be the 2nd choice, or maybe 3rd? Go Robert, don’t let that Sal hating, monkey murderer win!